MOQ (Minumum Order quantities) may apply on some products. Generous price breaks apply to customers with high volume requirements.


International customers who wish to facilitate shipping via their own Freight Agents are very welcome. We also work with a variety of Internatiol, National, and Local Freight Agents and Couriers to ensure that the most efficient and cost effevtive shipping solutions are provided to meet our customers individual needs.

Warranty terms and conditions

Warranty periods vary according to the product type and customer requirement. We have a minimum one year “fall back” warranty applicable to all products and a standard 3 year warranty that covers most of our product range. Warranties may extend up to 20 years for certain “hardware & accessory” products

Payment terms and conditions

Standard terms for established National (Australian) customers is “30 days EOM” credit on receipt of order. A variety of payment terms (by negotiation) are available for International customers, dependant on order value and order history of the customer. All “first time” customers (National and International) will be required to make payment in full prior to shipping of order.