Broadband Propagation fully understands it’s share of obligations and responsibilities with regard to reducing the impact of human activity on eco-structures and systems, both globally and at a local level.

We seek, in all aspects of our activities, to reduce production of greenhouse gases, recycle and reuse to the maximum, consume as little as possible and only as necessary, and act at all times with full awareness of our impact on the world we live in.

The Broadband Propagation test Range and lab is on land which includes significant areas of undisturbed native Eucalyptus forest.

Bounded on three sides by the Onkaparinga River, the property is a haven for native birds and animals including kangaroos, koala bears and and a variety of ducks and other native water birds.

We endeavour at all times to protect and maintain this resource in it’s unique and valuable state.

Native Eucalyptus forest: Broadband Propagation test range.
This stretch of river is protected and accessible only via our range.