About Us

At Broadband Propagation we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying a broad range of antennas and associated equipment since 1990.

Our capacity covers the full RF spectrum from LF to Microwave and the full range of antenna types from Radar antennas to simple vertical whips.

Some of our many strengths include:

A wide knowledge of contemporary antenna design and customer antenna needs
Rapid response times to customer requests.
Custom design capability starting from customer need identification through theoretical and modeling appraisal to realization of the “real world” solution
Advanced design and testing facilities.
Very Competitive pricing
A stable work force with very high levels of flexibility and technical skills
An extensive portfolio of repeat customers both in Australia and overseas
Willingness and ability to tackle a full range of assignments from the smallest job to very large projects
If you are seeking specialized radio transmission and reception solutions, we would be pleased to talk to you.